You are on fire and then…

You have been there.  You are on fire. Everything you do is welcomed, appreciated and falls into the grander scheme of things. All the stars are aligned.  There is a cosmic power in all your words, thoughts and actions.  You are on fire.  Nothing can come in your way.  You are the king of the hill.  You are the master of your fate.  Everyone wants you. Everyone wants to be you.  You are everything and everything is you.

And then you relax. And it all comes crashing down.  You are a shadow of your former self.   It’s just not there.  Nothing is right and nothing works.  It’s gone.  Guru’s, therapies and all the coaching in the world cannot save you.  Its over.

Roger Federer would agree.  Especially in the 12 game of the third set.  He relaxed and lost.

Whats my point ? Never relax when you are on a high.  Show up every second, every moment and you will win, especially when you are winning. 


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