Process Vs. Job Satisfaction

Ever wonder how much or how little the amount of process around us in the workplace contributes to our job satisfaction and general happiness therein ?  I did a quick graph of my career so far and here are some learning’s :

1. Having no process did not make me super happy or more productive.   I was kinda grumpy without a support infrastructure.

2. Having tons of process did not most definitely make my daily work happier.  And from what I remember, it did add to my general loathing of the job as such.   It did not help that I was “in-charge” of some of this incessant and unnecessary  overhead.

3. So they are not inversely related  ; finding that sweet medium can be very difficult.

There are several variables that drive  job satisfaction ; but I found this one very direct and applicable due to its actionable nature and our everyday involvement in it.




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