Them, the leaders.

  They call themselves leaders.  They gather groups of individuals who are eager to be followers and make them fanatics. They are rabble rousers.  Violence and fear are two weapons in their arsenal that they use with shameless abandon.  Every available machinery and process is (mis)used for power.  Political gain and unrivaled fiefdom are their ultimate goals.  A desperate will to achieve those objectives drives their decision making. Building the nation comes last in the order of things.

   They come from every part of the country.  They muscle their way into the corridors of power and stay there until their demise.  A survival of the ‘ugliest’, in a way.  But even in their passing,  the common man is not spared.  Their game is regionalism, factionalism and religious hate mongering. Their myopic thinking and related decision making pivots  the nation backwards. Every passing day,  it loses its edge.  

    It is sad but it is the truth.  There is little scope for a nation so immature and yet so beautiful.  It is weak from within and will tear asunder under duress.  They, the leaders, dont have a clue.  And will never have any.  India hurts. 



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