What does real 4G mean ?

Uplink HSPDA : 200 Kbps 22 Mbps 56 Mbps 50 Mbps
Downlink UMTS: 1.92 Mbps 

HSPDA: 14 Mbps

EVDO: 2.4 Mbps

56-84 Mbps 128 Mbps 100 Mbps
Carriers ATT and T-Mobile (UMTS/HSPDA ) 

Sprint and Verizon (EVDO)


ATT : Currently upgrading ( Feb 2011)

Sprint (HTC EVO and Samsung Epic) MetroPCS (Samsung Craft , Verizon Modems ) 

ATT : Summer 2011

Usually HSPA+ is known to be a very fast adaptation of 3G. Sometime in 2010, T-Mobile called their HSPA+ as 4G. So ATT will follow suit this year 2011 and call their HSPA+ networks 4G as well. On the other hand, Verizon calls their LTE implementation as 4G. Ma-Bell, not to be left behind, now calls both their HSPA+ and LTE (to be rolled out in summer 2011) as 4G. This is a good example of marketing technologies to the point of obfuscating them. The above table will clarify the differences and what the actual speeds are – of course, end user speeds will be always a tad slower than what the technologies attempt to provide.


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