Nortel and Groupon

Information from two entirely different worlds :

1.  Ever wonder what happened to all that service provider voice and data ( mostly IP switching ) equipment that Nortel decided to get it’s business out of ? Enter Genband – (   They have a good presence in several countries with strong service provider ties. I was reading their Ip PBX white paper ( of course ) and I am wondering if this is the beginning of a convergence between a traditional SBC and IP Proxy ( their name for a voice gateway switching into different mobile and fixed networks ).  Looks like many  telecom vendors are slowly gravitating towards SBC’s as a complete stop towards consolidating voice and data traffic.

2.  On a completely different note,  Groupon’s acquisition by Google failed.  I may post a valuation of Groupon but $5.3B for it seems over-valued. It may all be paper-money, but what is the sustainable competitive advantage ?  I am surprised that the algorithm based math dudes at Google got excited over this one-trick pony.


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