VoIP and 3G

Ever wonder how much data your smartphone will use when used all day as a 3G VoIP device ?   Let’s assume that we all own an Apple IPhone – under the new data model that ATT provides,  unlimited data usage comes for $29.99/month.   Let’s also assume that there is no data usage over the 3G when at home – we all have WIFI at home.  So the total hours used would be around 10-14.   If we are on the line all that time ( assuming a worst case scenario or data intensive application like a voip video chat ), then the cost would be very bitter when bill time comes along.

Consumer Enterprise
ATT Data Plan 14.99 250 MB 29.99 Unlimited
Average number of calls per day 20 calls 30 calls
Length of each call 5 minutes 15 minutes
Cost per minute 0.5 cents 0.5 cents
Cost of  local/national/International VoIP calls ( over Skype ) 50 dollars 225 dollars
Data Usage 2 Gigabytes 3 Gigabytes
Data Overage usage costs 100 dollars 0 dollars
Total Monthly cost 150 dollars 225 dollars

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