Multinational firms and UC

Firms which have several sites across geographic  and political boundaries are showing more interest in UC solutions than firms which do not see immediate ROI benefits.  Nearly 13 years ago,  I used a nascent version of a UC solution at one of my previous lives.  I worked in India then for a large UC vendor  which controls the market now.  We did have IM,  collaborated voice and mail could be centralized.   It worked great and as a user ( and software developer ) , I enjoyed the seamless interfaces I could interact with the teams here in the USA.

Technology wise,  there hasn’t been much growth since then – mostly ad-dons and minor features which don’t revolutionize the medium.  What IT managers have realized is that the growth of the UC into the desktop environment is modest as compared to the hype surrounding it.   For example,  how much has the video conferencing taken off ?   Telepresence is touted as a worthy if not more advanced successor but I want to do simple video conferencing from my desktop.  And I want to see all the participants as I would in a normal meeting room without having to dole out several million dollars for the solution.   The time boundaries between multi-sited companies would truly break in such case.


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