UC and USA

Is the US consumer ready for UC solutions? I mean real enterprise standard voice features and solutions. Not the U-verse type bundle. All of us have used http://www.speedtest.net to check our last mile speeds. They have collected all the data supplied by users and compiled into geographic location specific data. http://www.netindex.com/ gives a good indication of which countries are suited for rolling out consumer UC bundles. The USA is 16th in the list of average download speeds. Looking at the R-factor we can see that the USA is 8th in the list – kind of edging into the desirable range 80-90.

What this means for the USA is that consumers are not fully ready for UC solutions in the consumer realm. Bundled consumer PC solutions with complete voice also built-in if driven by Microsoft or Google maybe successful in the long run, but then they would also have to provide the last mile technologies. With the advent of Skype-type applications, users prefer to buy pieces from different vendors. While having a single point of failure (not depending on ATT) is a great thing, firms may spend some investment investigating how much revenue streams lies untapped in bundled consumer UC solutions.


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