>Bring them back !

>Everytime any opponent of the Australian cricket team gains a lead or seems capable of defeating them, all varieties of accusations and allegations are levelled. These range from downright silly to the completely absurd.

The first test went without incident simply because the Australians were never challenged in any department by the Indians. But the second test is a different story altogether. Hey – these Indian chaps are now fighting back – lets screw them over with some real high quality mud slinging. Lets even call Harbajan a racist – he batted pretty well – we dont want any of that in the coming tests!

If we take a look back in time we can see that every visiting team gets hammered with a barrage of nonsense for example Murlitharan’s and Harbajan’s bowling actions. The second test was rigged to an extent that it was impossible to watch. All the Australians have to do is appeal and the batsman is given out.

This time its gone too far. Really, the Aussies have lost it this time – Ponting is under tremendous pressure to prove that he is a worthy successor to Steve Waugh. So everything goes !!

Interestingly , the Australians are a very good cricket team. They can win easily without resorting to such low tactics. The Indian team needs to come back.


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