>Desh Trip

>Trip to India 2007 – was very fruitful. Got to meet everyone I wanted to meet. Notes :

1. Domestic airports are akin to railroad stations. Very crowded. Everyone is flying. Way cool !

1.5 Jet Airways and Jet Lite šŸ˜‰

2. Traffic in Bangalore is maddening. Designed to intimidate. I spent an average of about an hour moving from place to place.

3. Service levels are very high. Good value for money.

4. English is more common. Autorickshaw “Basha” in Chennai spoke deshent English to me. I am impressed. Of course, man had a cell phone as well !

5. Cell phones are ubiquitous. And the cell phone services providers do provide awesome value. True capitalistic setup. No “cingular” or “sprint” like providers arm twisting with yearly contracts. Customer is king !

6. Food is very good. Of course šŸ˜‰

7. People are friendly too ( I had to write this one). Light at the end of the tunnel ? Maybe.

8. Did I say traffic in Bangalore sucks ? Even on the weekend. OK – maybe the weekend theory is only catching up.

More when visiting next time…


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