>My sneeze stinks !!!

>Yes – my sneeze stinks. I have showed it to several doctors. No one can figure this one out. I have tried all kinds of medications. None work.

Pros : I get more leg room in flights. One sneeze and everyone around me is running for dear life. One guy even looked like he wanted to jump out of the plane. One couple was courteous and gave me the entire set of seats.

Cons : Social stigma. ( thats a joke ). In reality, I dont care. It works everytime. I think it is my introverted self yearning for an escape.

Come spring, I have allergies – the pollen kind. And then the sneezing increases many times over. Last year, my colleagues implemented some advanced cube placement software to find the optimal distance from myself and my sneezing and moved themselves there. This year I am waiting for another advanced and enhanced algorithm from them to distance themselves further. I am not sure I blame them.


2 thoughts on “>My sneeze stinks !!!

  1. >I too have a stinky sneeze. What’s up with that? A medical mystery…Post a follow-up if you figure it out. Thanks.

  2. >And whats up with hidden and anonymous blogs !!!! Who are you “Erik” ??

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