If you think that there is no racism in the USA, you will be in for a rude shock. I got a liberal dose of this “shock” on Sunday.

I am a runner and I specialize in distance running. This Sunday I chose to run the Silicon Valley Half Marathon.
I was running around the 10the mile mark at my usual 10 minute mile pace. Up comes a water stop and I chose the left side water table.

Now this is a narrow trail and the lead runner (running in the opposite direction ) was led by a pilot cyclist who was “paving” the way. This person was a member of Los Gatos Cycling Club. Apparently this cycling “gentleman” got angry that I was in his way and he punched my shoulder with a clenched fist and shouted “Stay to the right, Tamil”.

No prizes for guessing his race. I have contacted the President of the cycling club and complained. I would be surprised if anything comes out. The least I expect is an apology.


One thought on “>RACISM

  1. >Cycling clubs have a lot to cover up these days..Dont forget the drug scandals!!

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