>Rajan Index

>The strength of the economy in the Bay Area can be studied using the “Rajan Index”. A “Rajan” is defined as an Indian Software Engineer who has recently arrived from one of India’s software companies and currently is in the rather expensive process of settling down in the Bay Area. Invariably this migration is possible because of the increase investment in the software industry by VC’s, angel investors etc – basically an increase in the monies flowing through the Silicon Valley.

The “Rajan” who arrives newly usually lives near his or her place of work and due to the temporary nature of the initial few months , does not invest in a car. This lack of transportation leads the Rajan to walk to and fro from work and also to use public transportation. The VTA , Caltrain and the BART love the Rajan’s. And during the weekends , one can see Rajan’s carrying white grocery and produce bags.

The Rajan Index is directly proportional to the number of these knowlegde professionals one can see on the avenues of the Bay Area carrying white bags. When the economy got hit in 2001-2002 , not only did the Rajan Index get downgraded to new lows, but it also affected the ex-Rajans. The year now is 2006. One can see more Rajan’s and also their impact on the rental market.

The name “Rajan” means King. The “J”in Rajan is pronounced and not forgotten like in San Jose. The world may be flat according to Thomas Friedman but the Rajan’s are here to stay and spread their impact on the “flat world”.


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