>How many Indians have heard of Arun Kumar Bharadwaj – India’s only ultra-marathon runner. I didnt know either. The man is an inspiration.

BTW , have you heard of the running Indians. Read this



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  1. >Hi, Please visit my blog http://www.arunbhardwaj.wordpress.comI am capable of producing world’s top class performance in ultramarathon, but due to lack of official or any other (like corporate) support here in India it is becoming too much difficult just to continue it. Recently I was invited to run in the Austrian 24-hr race in Woerschach held on 21-22 July 2007 but could not participated in it, otherwise I could have cross 200 kms which was good enough to put the Indian in the top 10’s list. (No any Indian has yet covered even 100 miles in 24-hr time). A 24-hr race is being planned in Bangalore on 27-10-2007 by the Crossovers, organisers of the Annual International Marathon in Bangalore (Mr. Darshan : Phone No. 09845303983. It would be the first ever ultramarthon in India and I hope to do quite well in this race to get the due attention of media and all others.If anybody in the position to support me, please come forward.Thanks,- Arun

  2. >Hi Frank, Are you running in Bangalore Ultramarathon on 16 December.Regards,- Arun

  3. >hi frank, please see the link english.ntdtv.com/?c=151&a=452

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